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Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co L.L.C’s Global Business Law Firm with its qualified Cyprus lawyers provides legal counselling and assistance to banking and financial institutions, fund registrations and fund managers, payment system providers and multinational organizations in accordance to their needs. Our qualified team of Cyprus and offshore Lawyers will always act according to its customers instructions and guidelines, safeguarding their legal and business interest.


Our firm can provide the following services in the Banking and Finance Sector:

  • Representations to the Banks either with or without our customers presence
  • Compliance reviews of every Banking Document as on the spot advising
  • Money laundering and financial crime consultancy and reporting
  • Risk Assessment of the proposed Banking Financial plan
  • Registration and Licensing of Investment Firms, FX Brokers & Market Makers,
  • Registration of Binary Options Firms,
  • Registration of Payment Institutions and Funds.
  • Preparing Business Plans,
  • Preparing Financial Forecasts and drafting operations manuals.
  • Investment and Project Appraisals
  • Funding Options and Financial Consultancy
  • Venture capital options
  • Investment Banking Consultancy
  • Corporate Banking Consultancy
  • Developing corporate solutions
  • Assisting in restructuring loans and collateral
  • Due diligence reports



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