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Register Company in Bulgaria with Michalaki, Pitsillidou Law Firm

Why to register your company in Bulgaria? Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, NATO and WTO Macroeconomic and financial stability Bulgaria has the most favourable tax regime in Europe: - Corporate tax - 10 % of the net profit per year; - Dividend tax 5% - only in case of real payment of dividends; - VAT - 20%. The EU internal deliveries and the export are free of VAT; - 10% personal income tax.  The Dividends are free of tax after they are shared between the shareholders and after the 5% dividend tax is paid Strategic geographical location which provides direct access...

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Inheritance Law in Cyprus

A person that has property or Assets in Cyprus is recommended to make a will in order to indicate where his possessions would be transferred in case he/she passes away. It is recommended if you own property or assets in Cyprus to request consultation from an expert in multi jurisdictional inheritance cases if you have to make a will due to the complexity of law. This article describes the basic rules of inheritance law in Cyprus and what will happen to properties and assets of a person if he has not a will. We will explain below how can this be avoided...

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Features of the Cypriot regime IP-BOX

Features of the Cypriot regime IP-BOX Currently in Cyprus there is preferential tax treatment of income derived from the use of intellectual property (IP) (IP Box). In accordance with this regime 80% of the net profit from IP usage shall be exempt from taxation. Thus, the effective rate of tax in Cyprus in the mode IP-Box is 2.5 % and applies to income from all intangible assets, objects of intellectual property without restriction. Not less positive aspect is also the lack of requirements for the development of the taxpayer intellectual property. The main tax advantages of Cyprus include the following: exemption from...

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Obtaining a Belize FOREX license

Times have changed. Many jurisdictions have stopped licensing in this profitable arena. Get and keep continuous legal advice from a knowledge licensed attorney and tax advice from a licensed accountant. Our iMPK Global Business Law Firm, can help you obtain your own trading license. Naturally we recommend that you operate legally, ethically and responsibly. The key is to be sure that you have a legitimate license. By securing your FX trading license through Offshore Company, you can feel confident that you are working with a professional and experienced Law Firm and that the documentation is authentic and has been legally...

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Tied Agent Rules in EU. A brief analysis

To start with, if we take a look at the legal framework of tied agent companies will be subject to the provisions of the Investment Services Law (IS) as well as the relevant Codes of Conduct for Investment Firm’s and the Persons Employed by them. A tied agent means, for the purposes of the IF law, “a person established in a Member State, who is acting under the full and unconditional responsibility of only one IF of a Member State, on whose behalf it acts, (i) promotes investment or/and ancillary services; (ii) attracts clients or prospective clients (iii) receives and transmits...

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Always Deal With A Reputable Forex Company

Always Deal With A Reputable Forex Company It is well noted that there is a number of forex brokers online that do not meet a lot of times the Cysec criteria and they are subject to fines or sometimes with revoking their license. Forex announcements in Cyprus are noted on Cysec website and there are announcements that give information on an everyday basis. Definition of a forex scam Forex scam is "any trading scheme used to defraud traders by convincing them that they can expect to gain a high profit by trading in the foreign exchange market." In practice, a forex scam can...

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iMPK offers services to Companies entering the China market

iMPK Global Businessl Law Firm is please to announce that through its associated offices can offer the following services regarding the China Market. Consulting Our associated offices can  offer services to companies that consider entering the China market and companies that already have presence and are looking for growth opportunities. Our consulting services include: Market research and assessment  Regulatory environment analysis  Partner search and due diligence  Entry strategy consulting Competitive intelligence or analysis Location analysis Management consulting Consumer or customer surveys   Corporate Formation Our associated offices have extensive experience with corporate services in China,  from simple Representative Offices (ROs) to more complex Foreign Invested Enterprises such...

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Company Incorporation and Services in Cyprus

Company Incorporation and Services in Cyprus In Cyprus you can register either a private or a public company. A private company can be established by one or more people and a public company can be established by seven and more. There is no limitation in share capital but it is common for a company to have at least €1,000. A Cypriot company needs to have a secretary and a registered office in Cyprus which can be used as the business address of the company. A director can be either a foreigner or a Cypriot. Usually the majority of companies have Cypriot directors. Cypriot...

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Register Company in Hong Kong with iMPK Global Business Law Firm

Why to make business in Hong Kong Hong kong has word class banking infrastructure with no exchange controls and availability of multi currency accounts and trade facilities Fast incorporation with 1 day and no capital requirements All directors and shareholders can be non Hong Kong residents Hong Kong is an established commercial and international financial center. No tax on capital gains On non Hong Kong source income 0% tax Hong Kong Companies benefits: Due to his strategic location Hong kong acts as one of the major business hubs of Asia Pasific Due to his strong legal system Hong kong is chose...

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Register Company in BVI with iMPK Global Business Law Firm

Why to register your in company in British Virgin Islands? BVI is considered to be the number 1 offshore center for offshore companies BVI has the second largest international foreign direct investment globally. Low administration costs Low costs for incorporation and maintenance of companies Local currency is the US dollar Very good commercial and professional infrstruture There are no exchange controls in BVI Stable market for inverstors Strong legaly system Strong regulatory network For more information and guidance get in touch with our lawyers or email iMPK Global Business Law Firm – Cyprus Lawyers, at info@impklawyers.com .Tel. +357 99345000 - Fax +357 25 660097...

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