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Cyprus Virtual Offices

Cyprus Virtual Office Services


Globalization is the key to successful business. Wherever you are located around the globe, your business can function without the need to pay costly office space or employees, just to establish a corporate presence. Virtual Office provides the services and infrastructure to run your business professionally without the cost of a full-time physical office.


The Virtual Office will provide you with all the tools you need to get ahead of the competition like:

  • personalized live receptionist answering phone calls
  • a corporate business address for all your mailing and packages
  • fax number
  • conference rooms
  • telephone forwarding
  • parking



• Good impression – it creates an opportunity to conduct business in a professional manner with your clients and develop a great impression.


• Cost savings – Because the client does not rent actual office space, the cost savings for the virtual office are significant. Compared to simply having a PO Box address, the business address at a prestigious building allows the company to maintain a professional image at low prices.


• Low start-up costs – The virtual office space offers savings as compared to starting up an actual office.


• Human resources management – Unlike maintaining independent office operations, the clients rely on the provider to handle employment and relations with virtual office space staff. This way the clients can rest assured about the high standard of the services provided, thus concentrating more of their effort on their organization’s primary tasks.




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