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Online Casino License

Online Casino License

Online Casino License


Our team can assist you on setting up of a Curacao company in connection with acquiring an eGaming sub-license as well as a Cyprus subsidiary of the Curacao company that will do the payment processing:


  1. Important Information:
  • The actual sub gaming license agreement is called an “IP-Agreement”, and operates under the umbrella of the Antillephone N.V. Gaming License (Antillephone). The Curacao company typically will be set-up as gaming company operating on international market.
  • The application process and costs to acquire a sub gaming license (this would be a so-called IP-Agreement) would require the applicant (the Curacao company), to provide all relevant information of the owners and the applications/ software used on their site and submit this to Antillephone.
  • It is noted that the licensing regime is written for B2C applicants and therefore does not recognize the difference between B2B or B2C activities. Nonetheless, the license can be acquired by all types of activities which qualify under the terms and conditions of Antillephone.
  • Considering the increased difficulties for Curacao entities to obtain bank account and/or merchant accounts in Europe, the usual process is to close a “Three party agreement” between 100% EU subsidiary of licensee, the licensee (Curacao company) and the licensor (Antillephone), in which the latter recognizes and accepts the EU entity to work under the license, for the purpose of obtaining bank accounts, PSP-contracts and other financial instruments to accommodate the licensee’s business.


  1. Forbidden jurisdictions:

Currently the following jurisdictions are forbidden for targeting:

  • Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St Martin, USA.



  1. Highlights of the new tax legislation for Curacao companies
  • For enterprises with only foreign sourced profits the effective tax rate is between 0-3% on total profits.


  1. Real presence for Curacao companies
  • The new legislation stipulates that companies that enjoy foreign sourced profits are obliged to have real presence in Curaçao and a permanent establishment for their activities.
  • The above requirement is largely dependent on the activities of the company in Curaçao and will differ from case to case.
  • Renting an office space in its own name and employing one or more employees directly or indirectly can be considered to be compliant with these requirements.
  • We will be able to offer office rentals and employee/s (that are currently the employees of our Curacao registered agent) as a service if required (at a fixed fee).


  1. Substance for Cyprus companies
  • Depending on the Payment service provider (PSP) to use, the PSP might request substance for the Cyprus company as well.
  • We will be able to offer office rentals and employee/s (that are currently employees of our firm) as a service if required (at a fixed fee).



For more information and guidance get in touch with our lawyers or email Michalaki, Pitsillidou, Rozen .

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