Crime as a Social Construction

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Crime as a Social Construction

Crime as a Social Construction

It is generally held that “crime is a violent human act which is against the law and it is usually committed by people with the power to do so”.

Taking into consideration the question ‘How crime is socially constructed’ it is being potential to analyze the deviant and criminal acts, of people who commit crimes which they both include a breach of social rules.

To begin with, concerning social construction feedback to crime, it has been usually caused by social factors and situations. Indeed, Bucker’s, says “Rules including criminal laws, are made by people with power and enforced upon people without power.” Particularly, Burke states that rules are always made by those who have the power, like for example they are made up by the old for the young, and by men for women. Consequently, this ends up to people obeying and applying the rules without wondering why it has to be like that. Automatically, this supports the statement ‘Crime is a Social Construction’ as the law making is made up by the society and also violated from it.

A substantial example which justifies the statement, is the James Bulger’s case of murder. Essentially, people could not believe that the murderers of the two-year-old child were two ten-year-old boys, as it is completely horrible to even think about committing such an act and one needs to look no further to understand that leading them to the characterization of ‘demons’ caused panic to society about youth.

Furthermore, another reason proving that crime is a Social Construction, are the rules existing which concern religions, cultures and societies. Undeniably, every society based on different beliefs and religions and in that way, people of every society judge every violation differently. Without any doubt, this depends on the norms of any country and people’s behaviour. Lastly, crime could be characterised as ‘ordinary, natural and widespread’.

Therefore, it is clear to see that crime is a social construction as society makes the laws and indeed it is the one who actually breaks them. This proves that the statement is correct, as crime is committed and judged by people and society in general.


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