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Cyprus Corporate Lawyers For Company Solutions

The fundamental role of a Cyprus Corporate Lawyer for Company Solutions

Cyprus Corporate Lawyers

In the last years, the development of the global and local economy and the desire of an international action let to the massive increase of small and big enterprises. Namely, in Cyprus the number of corporations it seems to have an upward tendency year by year. However, the corporations do not always work properly and without any problems since the matters which may arise from its operation. Also, there are several legal steps which are provided by law to register a company and to maintain its function in line with the Cyprus Company Law (CAP 113).

Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co LLC Law Firm, has a boutique corporate department with a substantial historical background in the corporate law field. We deal with several complex company issues and matters, and we provide our clients with the more effective and flexible solutions after the careful and concentrated examination of each case. It is known that the corporation/company need a special treatment since is a legal entity with rights and obligations which act through its agents and organs.

Cyprus Corporate lawyers play a crucial role to the function of the corporations. There are several groups of people who are involved in the corporation. Namely, shareholders, directors, creditors of the company and employees are some of the parties who are involved in the corporation. The relations between these people could be regulated by the contribution of the corporate lawyers. One of the main issues of the corporation/company are the illegal transactions or issues which concern taxes and the financial situation of the company. The favorable Cypriot tax regime and the extensive network of double-taxation treaties that Cyprus Government signed over the years, has created an ideal base for non-European Union companies seeking to exploit the EU market, as well as for EU companies seeking to expand their global horizons to be based in Cyprus.

Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co LLC as a Cyprus Law Firm, works as powerful weapon against those irregularities and tax issues, since it is manned with a number of experienced lawyers, tax planners and tax advisors, who are specialized on the corporate law and the issues which may arise not only inside the corporations but also with the relations of the corporations with the outsiders such as banks and investors.

Also, Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co LLC Lawyers, may advice you from the beginning, for the risks and benefits of the creation of a corporation/company, issues which concern the intellectual property until the issues which will arise from a potential insolvency of the corporation and the liquidation procedure. It is also important the contribution of our corporate lawyers to the issues which may arise from the dividends among the shareholders, the memorandum and the articles of association. Also, our firm is specialized in making contracts between the company and third parties which concern the operation of the corporation.

In addition, our office is specialized on corporate fraud, money laundering, bribery cases and generally on white collar crimes inside the corporation which are often in our days. Our legal team is well educated in terms of the corporate crime/white collar crime and could give effective solutions and advices and also could represent the corporation in any court for any corporate criminal or civil offence.

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