Do I need a Family Lawyer?

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Do I need a Family Lawyer?

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People tend to ask their selves if they have to ask the help of a Lawyer regarding their divorce. The most common answer people give, is that sometimes we can avoid lawyers! We do agree that when the couple is easygoing on each other and can agree on the most of their issues, the divorce might end happily without any particular difficulty. Although there are plenty of divorces where the couple think that they can handle their divorce on their own, they finally find themselves messing things around. Instead of hurry up with your divorce, make sure to categorize your case and hire representation immediately!

Things you should consider:

Do You Have Children?

A divorce that has involve children, is sensitive and more complicated than without them. In any way a couple try to resolve their problems/case, divorces are hard for children to deal with. The more you can take from the professional lawyers who has the experience on similar divorce cases, the less will affect your child’s expectations and will ensure their security.

Do you hurry to end things up?

Sometimes when you are in a hurry and you want to get things done as soon as possible, you agree to agreements or sacrifices things for the sake of the closure. You will never know how the situation will be after the strong thunder you passed so quickly! There might be a chance to figure out that you agreed on something you should not agree, to feel unprivileged or to suspect any kind of fraud. To avoid these bad results, you can always hire a professional lawyer and catch up before it comes boomerang back to you.

Do you know the procedure? 

Most importantly for such a case as the Divorce, the given procedure must be strictly followed. The reason is because there are property divisions (i.e. immovable property, bank accounts, retirement and investment assets and debt) as well as taxes, insurance and inheritance. Additionally, if you are parents you should be aware of custody issues and settlement agreements which are a must in the procedure and that is for your children’s support.

Eventually, divorces have risks that depends on each situation separately. Whether you think you do or not need a lawyer to closely examine, handle or ensure an appreciation of the complexity of your situation, our Law Firm recommend to advice our professional Family Lawyers.

Michalaki, Pitsillidou Lawyers, will offer fast and efficiently to you and all people involved in your case, serenity and calmness.

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