Hong Kong Company

Hong Kong Company


“When you think to create an offshore company, the jurisdiction of Hong Kong should be certainly considered as a base among the list of other choices. Why choosing Hong Kong? Hong Kong is known to be a secure, and safe place not only for living but also for making a successful offshore business. Being a hub for big international companies and surrounded by the safe economic environment, HK creates flourishing area for building a business.  Another important reason is strategical location which is the Asia’s heart with an easy access to the mainland of China. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and their political system is differentiated from the rest of the country, thus many businesses are choosing this location as desirable one. HK jurisdiction enjoys very law tax rate which is only 16.5 % on corporate profit, and thus it will allow your business to safe a lot of money.  Another great advantage is that, if the company will not have activities inside the HK jurisdiction, it may be qualified for total tax exemption on the company’s profit which is also applied if business activities take place in China. There are no sales tax, no VAT, no capital gains tax and no withholding tax on interest and dividends. The easy of doing business expressed in absence of restrictions in scope of business or inward / onward investments and ownership.  


The setup is quiet easy and requires only Director and Shareholder with no restriction on residency and nationality. Share capital is minimum, issued share capital equals only HK$1 and no requirement for registered capital, which can be increased freely and without full pay up. The banking system in HK has no exchange control and allows fund transfer easily and provides safe guard for international trade, as well as provision of accounts with multi-currencies account, ATM and credit card facilities and online banking.

At Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co L.L.C., we can offer the effective schemes which will be designed with the special approach for every client. The company formation in the HK jurisdiction will take from one and up to two weeks’ time.”

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