How to obtain Seychelles Securities Dealer License

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How to obtain Seychelles Securities Dealer License

Non bank financial services in Seychelles are regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority which was established under the Financial Services Authority Act, 2013 and is responsible for licensing and supervising securities dealers. Also under the Securities Act, 2007 is responsible for the registrations of Foundations, International Trusts, International Business Companies and Limited Partnerships.

Corporate information


  • The company that will obtain the Dealer License must be incorporated in Seychelles
  • Nature of business of the company must be specified clearly under the Memorandum of Company
  • The company needs to offices or premises in Seychelles to keep company records.
  • 2 experienced individuals regarding securities must be appointed in the board of directors
  • Local secretary needs to be appointed by the company
  • Minimum paid up capital must be deposited during the license application process.



  • Shareholders and Directors needs to pass the fit and proper test.
  • Applicant must appoint a company representative who also needs to pass the fit and proper test and have a representative license
  • Applicant should maintain insurance to cover professional indemnity
  • Applicant must employ one bank officer and one local compliance officer
  • External auditor is required to be appointed.
  • Financial statements should be reviewed and audited annually


Application Process

People that wish to apply for the license must submit an application to the Seychelles FSA with the following documents

  • A business plan of the company
  • Organizational structure char
  • Provision of a Fully Services Office
  • Provision for appropriate personal that will be required to be appointed (compliance offices, reporting officer, administration, licensed representative, HR employee)
  • Description of internal control mechanisms
  • Description of governance arrangement
  • A personal questionnaire that is required to be filled by each shareholder, beneficial owner, proposed director, amanger and officer of the company with the due diligence
  • Application fees
  • Any documentation that may be required by the regulator


After everything is submitted, the Seychelles FSA will review the submission within 3-4 months.

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