The Importance of Car Accident Photos

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The Importance of Car Accident Photos

A good proof of the cause for a car accident, are the photos from the scenery of the occurrence!  By having that you can also proof the matters that contributed and the extent of damages that victims suffered.

Photos of an accident can reveal injuries, property & vehicle damages and also some important details that you may not note but could be relevant to your claim, such as traffic signs and some potential witnesses. Furthermore, when memory is not helping the case, photos of the scene can help you remind of details that you have forgotten.

You can use your photos of the car accident, to be presented as an evidence to substantiate your injuries and the fault of the other party of Insurance. Eventually, car accident photos can contribute to the successful claim and recover the compensation that belong to you for your injuries and damages.


How to Take Car Accident Photos

Pictures of property damage

Take photos of a property damage including any internal and/or external damage to any vehicles involved in the car accident, damage to any another object or building and to a roadway or sign. Make sure to capture multiple shots of the damage, to photograph any skid marks, debris or any other evidence that occurred.

Pictures of your injuries

Important is to immediately take pictures of your injuries after a car crash. Injuries like bruises that will not show up immediately, you should document as long as they appear.

Photograph Important Details

Some details that will be important about your crush might not be able to be recalled when you need them, for this make sure to record them in time. Take pictures of the, model, license plate number of the other vehicles, license of the other driver, insurance and registration information of the other driver.

Photos of the Scene

Capturing pictures of the damages is very important but what is also important is the context. There may be elements in the area surrounding the scene of the accident that can be useful for the case and can be used as an evidence. You may not see the relevance at first but you will thank yourself afterwards for doing that. Surrounding businesses is the key! That’s because companies have security cameras that could help you find a video element to use.

Take more pictures than you think you need

You never know how a scene, a building or a sign could help you understand things that you might missed when you were standing in person at the scene. Take pictures on things you believe could help you and from different angles.

Correct Time/date on your photos

The date of the picture is significant. If you are using a camera make sure the date and time are accurate. However, if you are using your smartphone, date and time are automatically stored in the metadata of each photo.


How Michalaki, Pitsillidou Law Firm Can Help You on your Car Accident?

A good car accident lawyer can help you recover losses resulting from a motor vehicle accident.

Our Cyprus Accident Lawyers are specialized in accidents and they can represent you and advise you accordingly in the entire procedure.


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