Requirements for a casino license in Malta

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Requirements for a casino license in Malta

Requirements for a casino license in Malta

Malta became a member state of the European Union on May 1, 2004 and it is the first country in the European union which has a legislation and regulations concerning on remote gaming.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is responsible for the governance of gaming in Malta and has developed policies for their remote gambling operations.Licensed by the legislative body (Malta Gaming Authority) may include reduced rates of income tax on personal income.

According to the Gaming Act (Chapter 400), PART IV, the Requirements for Casino license in Malta are:

A person (or a company registered in Malta) who has a possession of a license issued by the Authority in order to open or operate a casino in Malta.

Company registered in Malta should appears to the Authority that –

(a) The relevant voting share capital of the proposed casino license is owned, directly or indirectly, by a person or persons of integrity;  

(b) The director or directors of the company or of any affiliate thereof are persons of integrity;

(c) The proposed casino licensee has the financial meansand expertise available to operate the casino and tofulfill all its obligations under this Act.

A casino license remains in force for up to ten years and shall be subject to the annual payment of a license fee. Subject to compliance with the provisions of this Act, the license, unless it is sooner surrendered or cancelled, may be renewed by the Authority. A casino license shall, in all cases, be conditional to there being a concession by the Minister in favor of the licensee in accordance with the provisions of Part II of this Act.

The casino license shall be in a form approved by the Board and –

(a) Shall specify inter alia:

(i) The date of its issue;

(ii) The date of its expiration;

(Iii) The name of the licensee;

(IV) An address in Malta specified by the licensee for the service of documents on the licensee;

(V) The address of the casino;

(VI) The maximum number of tables that can be operated under the license;

(Vii) The maximum number of machines allowed to be used under the license;

(viii) The minimum opening hours;

(ix) Such other particulars relating to the casino as the Authority considers necessary; and

(X) Such other particulars as may be prescribed;

Casino license fee:

Furthermore, the article 16 (1) describes that the Authority shall, on the basis of the costs incurred by itself in carrying out its functions under this Act, determine the casino license fee, in the casino license, for the purposes of this Act.

(2) The casino license fee is payable in advance to the Authority on behalf of the Government on each anniversary of the license by the casino licensee.

(3) Determinations and variations under sub-article (1) shall not be made at intervals of less than twelve months.


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