Why do you need a Real Estate Lawyer in Cyprus ?

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Why do you need a Real Estate Lawyer in Cyprus ?

Real Estate Lawyers in Cyprus

Real Estate Lawyers in Cyprus are important for successful results in real estate related matters. First of all, they have deep knowledge of the property law, they are familiar with potential unsuspected difficulties, and will look out for your investment or purchase and your interest.


Purchasing a property can be a discouraging task, especially when you are a first-time home buyer. A real estate lawyer can help with almost every aspect of the purchase. Real estate purchase contracts are plain documents with legal jargon. A real estate lawyer will ensure that you understand all terms in the contract and advise you if any of the contents are potentially harmful. Additionally, they prepare and do the procedure for all legal documents, review closing documents before the need of the signature and ensure that you get valid and registered ownership of the property.


When selling a property, real estate lawyers, essentially act in the same way as when purchasing one. They are capable to create legal documents, review any documents that require a signature, arrange for transfer of security deposits, and make the arrangements for insurance verification if necessary. Generally the duties a lawyer has to perform in the selling procedure of a property are fewer than the buying process.


Cyprus Property Law  legal services we offer

Our firm has extensive expertise in property law and we advise often clients in real estate matters. Some of the services we provide are:

o   Full Title check

o   Checking if the property has any liens or encumbrances

o   Checking the credibility of the seller

o   Inspecting necessary permits, town planning permit, building permit etc.

o   Drafting contract of sale

o   Registering the contract of sale at the Department of Lands and Surveys

o   Obtaining permits from the Council of Ministers (If needed)

o   Transferring the property at the Land Registry Department

We further represent investors and purchasers before courts in cases of necessity. Delays in deliveries, contract and construction disputes, and delays in payments are some situations which may end up in court.  Our litigation team represents both, purchasers or sellers.

Do you need an experienced real estate lawyer for your real estate transaction in Cyprus?

Michalaki, Pitsillidou Law Firm specializes in Property Law and can help you go through your real estate property transaction or leasing process. Our expert lawyers will insure that you are covered, defend and negotiate for the best possible deal for you.


For more information and guidance get in touch with our lawyers or email Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co LLC Lawyers Legal Consultants, at info@impklawyers.com .Tel. +357 99345000 – Fax +357 25 660097

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