Yellow Slip VS Pink Slip

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Yellow Slip VS Pink Slip

Yellow Slip Pink Slip Cyprus

Yellow Slip (visitor) VS Pink Slip (visitor)


Τhe Yellow slip is issued for European citizens (including their family members) and the Pink slip is issued for third country nationals. Their differences are the following:


A European citizen must proceed with his registration within four months of entering the Republic in order to be able to reside in Cyprus legally. This registration is the so-called yellow slip, which does not need renewal. More specifically, the registration certificate for EU citizens does not expire, but the certificate for non-EU family member is valid for 5 years, and upon expiration, the applicant can apply for a renewal. Furthermore, a European who will register under the status of a visitor is not entitled to work in Cyprus unless he is registered as an employed or self-employed. The issuance of a yellow slip is faster than the issuance of a pink slip, because of the privilege of being a European citizen.


From the other side, the Pink Slip is valid for one year and is renewed every year respectively. It is issued for the purpose of visiting for a period of more than three months, because entry visas cannot be extended after 90 days, except for special reasons. The required documents are a 10-year letter of guarantee from a banking or cooperative institution, passport or other travel document, title deed or rental agreement etc. Also, the receipt given by the Immigration Department can be used at the airport or for other purposes until the temporary residence permit card – pink slip is issued.


In these two cases the applicant is not allowed to work, so he must prove sufficient income from abroad. In some cases, another person is allowed to take over the expenses of the applicant.


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