Forex (FX) Licences in Various Jurisdictions

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Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co L.L.C’s Law Firm team can assist you on setting up your offshore FX Investment business in various jurisdictions such as the following,


  • Cayman Islands (CIMA)
  • Seychelles (SCB)
  • Mauritius (GBOT)
  • Bahamas (SCB)
  • British Virgin islands (FSC)


Our services include:

  • Application Form and check-lists
  • Drafting of the required Internal Operations Manual
  • Registration of Company
  • Business Plans and Financial Projections
  • Consulting on investment services
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Money Laundering Manual
  • Appointment of local directors and/or other staff
  • Preparation of the company shareholder, director



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