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The FSAT of Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co L.L.C’s will help you establish, license and register your FX Brokerage and Market Making firm in Cyprus, or elsewhere in the EU, and provide you with a full range of support services in very competitive prices, made possible through our specialization and unique expertise in the field. In the highly competitive world of Forex, Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co L.L.C’s guarantees your regulatory coverage and support within the EU for you to grow your business!

The Forex market is growing larger every day. Investors are becoming increasingly interested in it and at the same time much more demanding. Many FX Brokerage firms is now active in the retail and professional markets whilst a growing number of FX Brokerage firms are being licensed, in an increasingly regulated, competitive and demanding environment.

The Cyprus Investment Firm is provided in collaboration with a specific firm, which specializes in this matter.

Cyprus Investment Firms are registered via a very complex procedure with the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission, in order to obtain the adequate License.


Forex Trading Company License

There is an initial administrative cost of EUR 2.000 that extends to EUR 5.000 or EUR 10.000 and up to EUR 51.000 depending on the case.


Registration and Consulting support for Forex (FX) Brokerage Firms

Authorization/Licensing Process in the EU for FX Brokerage Firms

Consulting and Operational support for FX Brokerage Firms


EU Regulation

An FX Brokerage Firm licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), falls under MiFID, the regulatory regime for investment services across the 30 European Economic Area member-countries. As such, it receives a license valid across the EU. Cyprus FX Brokerage Firms fall also under the scope of sound Anti-Money Laundering laws.

An FX Brokerage Firm licensed by the CySEC can offer investment services, establish representative offices or establish fully-operational branches in any desired location within the European Union without any additional requirements from that (host) EU State, whilst being supervised from CySEC, in Cyprus, directly.


Capital Requirements

Forex Brokerage Firms providing only advice and order transmissions require a share capital of EUR 80.000.

Forex Brokerage Firms operating only as Broker / Agent require a share capital of EUR 200.000.

Forex Brokerage Firms providing all services and handling third party funds require a share capital of EUR 1.000.000.


Favourable Tax Regime

Cyprus benefits from a low corporate tax regime and an impressive range of double taxation treaties with more than 40 countries. Tax advantages to Cyprus FX Brokerage Firms:

Corporate tax is 12.5%

Profits from disposal of securities are tax-free

No tax on payment of dividend to non-residents


Freedom of Exchange Controls

Profits, interest and dividends, capital gains and any gains arising from disposal of shares in such investments can be freely remitted overseas without any limitation.

Registration Process: 2 – 6 months.




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