Anat Lavy Azulay

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Anat Lavy Azulay, is a lawyer and notary in Israel since 2000. She specializes in family law, wealth Management and real estate. 

Furthermore she takes part in the Israelis Bar Association, and gives professional lectures regarding family Law and family wealth management in Israel.

She successfully served for 10 years (2013 till today) as a member of the Municipality City Council of Netanya, Israel and was the head of the tenders committee as well as a member of the planning and construction committee. She also serves as a director of several municipal companies.

She has many years of experience, profound knowledge that has  been accumulated over the years and a proven professional success.

She has provided legal services to thousands of clients from Israel, USA, Canada and France over the past 23 years of experience.

Pratice Areas

  • Real Estate LawHandling a variety of real estate matters, including property acquisition and disposition, leasing, and zoning and land use regulation.
  • Family LawAdv. Anat Lavy Azulay appeared in courts throughout Israel, dealing with complex issues and represents clients while providing professional service, first-rate human relations and extensive legal knowledge.
  • Inheritance LawAssisting clients to the various cases based on Inheritance law in Israel and also in Cyprus.
  • Property sales and purchasesProperty sales and purchases involve legally transferring ownership of real estate between parties, and can be a complex process requiring legal expertise to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.


LLB in Israel


Anat Lavy Azulay is a skilled Partner Israel Lawyer with a passion for delivering excellent results. She has a keen eye for detail and an analytical mind, which enables her to navigate complex legal issues with ease. Her outstanding communication skills, make her an effective negotiator and an asset to the team. Anat's ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and maintain her focus even under pressure is a testament to her strong organizational and time-management and leadership skills. She has a proven track record of success.