Register Company in Hong Kong

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Register Company in Hong Kong

Register Company in Hong Kong

Why to make business in Hong Kong

  • Hong kong has word class banking infrastructure with no exchange controls and availability of multi currency accounts and trade facilities
  • Fast incorporation with 1 day and no capital requirements
  • All directors and shareholders can be non Hong Kong residents
  • Hong Kong is an established commercial and international financial center.
  • No tax on capital gains
  • On non Hong Kong source income 0% tax


Hong Kong Companies benefits:

  • Due to his strategic location Hong kong acts as one of the major business hubs of Asia Pasific
  • Due to his strong legal system Hong kong is chose as the location to hold intellectual property that is to be used in China and Asia Pasific.
  • Hong Kong has a world class banking system providing sophisticated trade financing facilities. Profits from trading activities not taking place in Hong Kong and not with Hong Kong customers are outside the scope of taxation.


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