Trust & Trustee Services

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Trust & Trustee Services

We provide high level Trustee and Fiduciary services for private and corporate customers.  Our team’s purpose is to offer a diversity of answers for the proper management of assets and wealth, or for holding shares and ensuring confidentiality when indispensable.


We advocate on how to create a better structure your Trust, and advice customers on how to control and administrate your Trust, according to the Cyprus Domestic & International Trusts Law, as well as in other jurisdictions such as BVI (VISTA), Panama and Cayman Trusts.


We embolden our customers to contemplate asset wealth safety, as well as property planning options through the adoption of advance planning Trust techniques.  In addition, Cyprus Trusts can provide specific tax planning opportunities and come up with get admission to the wide network of Double Tax Treaties of Cyprus.


Trust assets include financial institution deposits, real estate, cash, jewelry and any kind of non-public property, whereas holding company shares on trust aiming to anonymity of the terminal beneficial owner is a fiduciary providence that we offer to massive range of private clients.




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