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Clearing Criminal Records in Cyprus: A Comprehensive Guide


Clearing or expunging criminal records in Cyprus provides individuals the chance to “start over”, shielding past offenses from public view. This process is vital for those whose past mistakes hinder their current aspirations, like securing a job or obtaining a loan or otherwise.

Why Consider Expungement ?

Old convictions, even if they’ve been dormant for years, can linger on your record. Cyprus Rehabilitation of Convicted Persons (L.70/1981) offers a chance for certain convictions to be cleared. However, only specific offenses, as outlined by this law, qualify for removal.

Understanding the Law

 Who Can Apply ?

  • Nature of Crime: Minor offenses are generally more straightforward to expunge than severe crimes.
  • Duration Since Offense: A stipulated duration must pass post the sentence’s completion, and it varies based on the offense’s gravity.
  • Subsequent Record: Post serving their sentence, the individual shouldn’t have committed additional offenses.
  • Age During Offense: Offenses committed as a minor might have separate considerations.

Non-Qualifying Offenses for Expungement

Certain offenses, such as sexual crimes, violent acts, drug-related charges, fraud, and DUI, can’t be expunged.

Steps to Expunge Records

  1. Submission: File an application with the District Court, attaching relevant documents.
  2. Evaluation: The Chief of Police assesses applications, with the Court having the final say.
  3. Final Decision: The Court’s decision is based on the law’s stipulations.
  4. Notification: Successful applicants are informed, and their records are then hidden from public view.

Benefits and Constraints

  • Work Opportunities: Cleared records can enhance job prospects.
  • Visa Advantages: Traveling within the EU might become easier, but it’s crucial to remember each country’s specific rules.
  • Restored Civil Rights: Some civil rights, like voting or public office rights, might be reinstated.

Limitations to Consider

  • Law Enforcement: Cleared records might still be visible to specific authorities.
  • Ineligible Offenses: Certain heinous crimes can’t be expunged.

In Summary

Navigating the process of criminal record clearance in Cyprus is intricate. While it offers a fresh start to many, there are firm criteria and procedures in place.

Need Expertise ?

For a deeper understanding or assistance on expunging criminal records in Cyprus, connect with us. Our expertise in criminal law will help simplify this intricate journey for you.

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