Wills & Administration of Estates

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Wills & Administration of Estates

Estate refers to all of a person's possessions, both movable and immovable, that they own during the course of their lifetime. Hence, acquiring and distributing a deceased person's assets to their legitimate heirs in Cyprus is related to estate administration. The existence or absence of a will is an important factor that impacts how the estate's assets will be allocated.

Wills in Cyprus

In Cyprus, a will is a legal document through which a person, known as the testator, expresses their wishes regarding the distribution of their estate and assets upon death. The testator also names one or more people as their legal heirs and appoints an executor to oversee the estate’s administration up until its final distribution.

The primary objective of the will is to distribute the deceased’s estate or assets, or at least that portion of them that is available for distribution. It may also contain other significant clauses, such as those regarding burial arrangements.

Wills and probate lawyers in Cyprus

Our law firm offers comprehensive services in Cyprus for wills and probate, estate administration, and inheritance and succession law, including:

  • Ensuring safekeeping of the will, until its execution is made necessary
  • Preparing application and documentation for the Grant of Probate
  • Advising on issues relating to wills and succession law
  • Appearing where necessary before the Courts
  • Will drafting and registration to the court
  • Acting as executors or administrators
  • Advice on Cyprus wills disputes
  • Grant of Probate procedure

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