The European Union Law

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The European Union Law

The European Union Law is a set of Laws and Regulations that govern the functioning of the EU and its member states. Until 2022, 27 Countries have joined the European Union.
Primary Law

Primary Law refers to the Treaties of the European Union, such as Treaty of Rome and Treaty of Maastricht, known as the Treaty of Functioning of the European Union and the Treaty of European Union. These two Treaties establish the legal framework for the EU and set out its objectives, institutions, and decision-making processes. They also determine the powers and responsibilities of the EU and its member states.

Secondary Law

The Secondary Law of the European Union refers to the laws and regulations that are created to support and give effect to the EU’s primary law, which is the treaties establishing the European Union. There are different forms of the secondary law such us, regulations which are directly applicable and binding in all member states, decisions, binding on those to whom they are addressed, recommendations and opinions, not binding and directives, binding as to the result to be achieved, but leave choice of form and methods to the national authorities.

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