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Our litigation lawyers are well experienced and specialised in handling complex dispute issues and they provide professional support on all matters that require litigation.

Cyprus Litigation Lawyers

Our Cyprus Litigation Lawyers are well experienced and specialised in handling complex dispute issues providing professional support on all matters that require litigation in Cyprus Courts or otherwise. From sending a letter (via process serving) to the other party or to proceed with a lawsuit against another party(ies) for dealing and dissolving any matter or claiming compensation.

General Litigation  in Cyprus

Since joining the EU in 2004, Cyprus has made great efforts to position itself as an important international economic hub that serves as a hub for inbound and outbound investment. In recent years, there has been a focus on luring multinational corporate headquarters, maritime companies, pharmaceutical, intellectual property and biotech firms, and corporations engaged in high-tech and innovative industries to the island as a desirable location for foreign investment in general.

Trust Litigation Lawyers

At Michalaki, Pitsillidou & Co LLC, our aim is to work together closely with the client, in order to resolve disputes in a timely and effective manner through prompt assistance and sound legal advice. Our litigation Lawyers are proud of handling complex, urgent and high-profile disputes in and out of court. Moreover, they are always available to provide assistance to all of our clients.



Our civil lawyers can help you whether another party is violating your rights or you require representation to defend yourself in court.

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Furthermore, our litigation team is available to assist you with court proceedings or defend you against the following legal issues: 


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