Elena Pitsillidou

Elena Pitsillidou

Managing Director, Partner


Elena Pitsillidou is an experienced lawyer with a strong track record in innovative problem solving and finding unique theories, ideas, and solutions to create effective cases and arguments. As a skilled litigator, Elena has successfully represented clients in legally demanding and complex civil litigation disputes, working aggressively to achieve continued success. With a strong background in corporate and commercial law, she has extensive experience in advising clients on a wide range of legal matters, including court procedures and contract negotiation.

Pratice Areas

  • Corporate lawProviding legal guidance for corporate formation, management, compliance, and transactional matters.
  • Commercial lawAdvising clients on a wide range of commercial contracts, including sale, purchase, and lease agreements.
  • Intellectual property lawAssisting clients in the protection and management of their intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and preparation of software agreements between the contractor and the developer.
  • Court procedures and litigation managementProviding legal representation for clients in court proceedings, including civil litigation, arbitration, and mediation. This may also include advising on alternative dispute resolution methods and litigation management strategies.
  • Contract negotiationAssisting clients in the negotiation of contracts and agreements. This may involve drafting and reviewing contracts, as well as advising on contract terms, negotiation strategies, and best practices.
  • Real estate lawHandling a variety of real estate matters, including property acquisition and disposition, leasing, and zoning and land use regulation.
  • Banking and finance lawProviding legal guidance on banking and finance matters, including lending, regulatory compliance, and securities.
  • Employment lawAdvising clients on a range of employment issues, including hiring, termination, discrimination, harassment, and employee benefits.
  • Immigration lawAssisting clients with a variety of immigration matters, including visas, residency, and citizenship.
  • Tax lawProviding guidance on tax planning and compliance for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.
  • Trusts and estatesAdvising clients on estate planning, probate, and trust administration matters.
  • Family LawAssisting clients with a variety of legal issues related to family relationships, including divorce, child custody, adoption, spousal support, and domestic violence.

Education & Bar Admission

LLM (Hons): International Law and World Economy

LLB (Hons): Bachelor Degree of Law from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Elena Pitsillidou has been a member of the Cyprus Bar Association since 2008.


Elena Pitsillidou brings a diverse set of skills to her work as a lawyer, with a particular emphasis on corporate and commercial law. She is a strong leader with expertise in legal research and analysis, contract negotiation, and litigation management. With a background in corporate law, she is well-versed in providing legal guidance for corporate formation, management, compliance, and transactional matters. Elena's skills also include a fluency in Greek, English, and basic French, which allows her to communicate effectively with clients from a wide range of backgrounds. Additionally, she is experienced in real estate law, banking and finance law, employment law, immigration law, intellectual property law, tax law, and trusts and estates. Elena is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional legal advice and representation, and she works collaboratively with legal teams and clients to ensure effective communication and understanding of legal issues.

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