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Permanent Residency by Investment

The Cypriot government has made it easier for no – EU citizens who want to invest in Cyprus to get a Permanent Residency Permit by using Regulation 6(2).

The applicant must invest at least €300,000 in one of the following investment categories:

(A) Investment in a house/apartment: Purchase of a house or apartment from a development company, which should concern a first sale of at least €300,000 (plus VAT).

(B) Investment in real estate (excluding houses/apartments): Purchase of other types of real estate such as offices, shops, hotels or related estate developments or a combination of these with a total value of €300,000. The purchase of interest can be the result of a resale.

(C) Investment in Cyprus Company’s share capital, with business activities and personnel in the Republic: Investment worth €300,000 in the share capital of a company registered in the Republic of Cyprus, based and operating in the Republic of Cyprus and having a proven physical presence in Cyprus and employing at least five (5) people.

(D) Investment in units of Cyprus Investment Organization of Collective Investments (forms of AIF, AIFLNP, RAIF): Investment worth €300,000 in units of Cyprus Investment Organization Collective Investments

Criteria for Cyprus Permanent Residency by Investment:

The applicant should be able to demonstrate that he has a stable annual income of at least €30,000. This annual income rises by €5,000 for each member of the dependent family and €8,000 for each applicant’s or his spouse’s dependent parent. This income ought to come from outside the country and could come from things like salaries or wages, pensions, dividends from shares, fixed deposits, rents, and other things. if the applicant decides to invest under Section (A). The income of the spouse may also be taken into consideration when determining the total amount of income.

If the applicant chooses to invest in Sections (B), (C), or (D), his entire income—or at least a portion of it—may also come from activities carried out within the Republic.

Time Schedules

The application will be sent to the Minister of Interior for consideration and decision if all of the policy’s criteria are met and there are no reasons regarding the applicant’s criminal record or public order and public security concerns.

From the time the completed application is submitted, it is anticipated that the application will be examined for approximately two months.

Civil Registry and Migration Department  

Required Documents
  • Passport of the applicant
  • CV of the applicant
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Children Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Documents that prove income from abroad

Documents proving that the amount for the investment was transferred from abroad to Cyprus.

  • Entrance in Cyprus with no limitations
  • Healthcare
  • Doesn’t expire if the applicant visits Cyprus every year
  • Granted to the spouse, children, parents, and parents in law of the applicant

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