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Cyprus IP Box
Cyprus IP Box Regime: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction  As a pivotal business and investment hotspot in the European Union, Cyprus boasts an appealing Intellectual Property (IP) Box Regime. This regime, coupled with a competitive tax landscape and robust financial infrastructure, has captivated innovative companies globally. Overview of Cyprus’s IP Box Regime This tax incentive scheme...
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Euthanasia in the Cyprus Legal System Introduction: In recent years, the discourse surrounding euthanasia and the right to die with dignity seems that it has gained prominence on the global stage. Cyprus Island, as a nation committed to progressive values, is not immune to this conversation. This article aims to explore the legal framework surrounding...
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Medical Cannabis Legislation in Cyprus Introduction: The worldwide view on cannabis has seen significant transformation, with many nations acknowledging its medical benefits. As a forward-thinking EU member, Cyprus has introduced laws to oversee the medical usage of cannabis. This article delves into Cyprus’s legal provisions concerning medical cannabis in Cyprus.  Historical Overview Cyprus has long...
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