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Updated Cyprus Citizenship Law: Easier Access for Skilled Foreign Workers

In a landmark decision on November 30, 2023, the Cyprus government amended its Civil Registry Law, significantly impacting immigration and citizenship laws in Cyprus. This change is particularly beneficial for highly skilled foreign professionals seeking Cypriot citizenship, offering a streamlined process aligned with Cyprus legal standards.

Key Changes in Cyprus Citizenship Requirements:

The revised Cyprus immigration law now enables talented foreign workers, especially those contributing to the Cyprus economy through employment in multinational companies, to obtain a Cyprus citizenship in a reduced time frame of 4 to 5 years. This is a notable decrease from the previous 7-year requirement, aligning more closely with Cyprus residency laws.

Criteria for Cyprus Citizenship Application

Applicants seeking to leverage this new route under Cyprus law must:

  • Maintain legal and continuous residency in Cyprus for 12 months before application submission, with a permissible absence of up to 90 days.
  • Hold a clean criminal record and have no pending arrest warrants, in compliance with Cyprus legal standards.
  • Ensure they have neither entered nor exited Cyprus through any unauthorized airports or ports.
  • Prove they pose no threat to public order or safety in Cyprus.
  • Demonstrate financial stability with suitable housing and a minimum income of €2,500.
  • Greek Language Proficiency as follows:

Level A2: Eligible for Cypriot citizenship after five years, indicating basic communication skills in Greek.

Level B1: Eligible after four years, demonstrating the ability to handle everyday communication in Greek independently.

Family Members’ Eligibility for Cyprus Citizenship

Family members also benefit under the new Cyprus law. They must have resided in Cyprus for at least seven years within the preceding eleven years and must have legally lived in Cyprus for one year before application.

Processing Timeline:

Cyprus immigration authorities will process citizenship applications under this new law within eight (8) months.


The amended Cyprus Citizenship Law opens new doors for foreign nationals and their families to become part of the Cyprus community. It represents a significant opportunity under Cyprus immigration and residency laws.

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