In Cyprus, international law has a huge significance as the consequence of the globalization brings with it countless changes in various levels. Cyprus is considered as an ordinary choice for international business and is widely used in international tax planning, within and outside the European Union.

This kind of dependency creates new prospects, modernizations and a totally new market.


This country provides numerous benefits, which accrue in using Cyprus as a corporate function.

Initially, European Union’s members claim that Cyprus is significantly a natural corporate vehicle, due to its low corporate taxation of 12.5% on net profits. Among the benefits which accrue in using Cyprus as a corporate element are the widespread Double Tax Treaty network, which approves in both with capital exporting countries and emerging markets, and the propitious tax supplies that make Cyprus a senior holding company jurisdiction.


Incorporation Services:

-The Formations of Limited Liability Company in Cyprus:

Package includes:

  • Name approval and registration
  • Registered Cyprus tax Department and obtain a Cyprus tax number
  • Rubber stamp
  • Payments in all Government Registration Expenses and License Fees


Package includes the following set of corporate documents:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Director, Secretary, Shareholders and Registered Address
  • Directors’ Consent
  • Subscription Certificate of Shareholders
  • Company Corporate Register


Nominee Services:

– Nominee Directors:

The appointment of nominee directors has to do with people who will be managing the companyon its everyday business. It is generally held that For a Cyprus LTD which tries to take advantage of the country’s low corporate tax. For this reason, it is essential that the board of directors organize meetings in order to and take its’ management decisions, so as to ensure that the company remains as in a Cyprus tax resident.


– Nominee Shareholders:

Nominee Shareholders will be holding the Company’s shared documents for the avail of the clients.


Additional Services:

-General Power of Attorney:

It is issued by the administrator for the benefit of the clients and it is valid for 12 months.

A General Power of Attorney grants the client with broad powers, represents and acts for the Company before third parties, institutions and authorities.


-Special Power of Attorney:

It is emerged by the director for the benefit of the clients, which is valid for 12 months.

A Special Power of Attorney, also known as Limited Power of Attorney, grants the client with particular authority to represent and act the Company for particular matter. For instance, it is useful for the opening of a bank account.




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