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Navigating Cyprus Family Law: Divorce, Custody, and More

When couples in Cyprus go their separate ways, a web of family law matters unfolds. From divorce to custody and maintenance, here's an overview of the key aspects:

Jurisdiction in Family Courts in Cyprus:

  • Cyprus Family Courts: These courts have exclusive jurisdiction over divorce petitions, custody disputes, maintenance issues, and property disputes.

Divorce in Cyprus

  • A spouse can file for divorce at the District Family Court after separation.
  • Jurisdiction requires both spouses to reside in Cyprus for at least three months before filing.
  • The divorce petition outlines the case’s facts, parties’ details, marriage date, and child information.
  • Central to the case is determining reasons for divorce and which spouse bears responsibility.
  • The court may order the responsible party to cover trial/legal proceedings costs.
  • If one spouse doesn’t respond or appoint a lawyer, the court may finalize the divorce in their absence.
  • The applicant can sign an affidavit instead of giving verbal evidence to expedite the process.

Cost and Duration of Divorce

  • Costs depend on the procedure and are regulated by lawyer fees.
  • Government fees for filing a divorce application amount to around €200.
  • Average legal costs are approximately €1,000 plus VAT and expenses, assuming mutual agreement.
  • A divorce without disputes can conclude in 1.5-2 months.
  • Contested divorces may take nine months to a year and a half.

Property Division

  • Property acquired during marriage is considered joint, with contributions assessed.
  • Property owned before marriage or received via parental donation remains separate.
  • Court considers property value at separation when dividing joint assets and the contribution of the Parties which is usually determined by professional Chartered Surveyors when it comes to property values.

Children’s Custody and Communication

  • After divorce, one parent receives custody, while the other has communication rights.
  • Both parents can agree on these matters, and the court issues a specific order.
  • In disagreements, court proceedings involve written positions from both parties.
  • The court considers a Local Welfare Office Report and children’s opinions.

Childcare and Maintenance

  • Parents are responsible for children’s maintenance up to age 18.
  • The custodial parent can claim maintenance from the other parent.
  • The court calculates maintenance based on children’s needs and each parent’s income.
  • If parents disagree, the court decides and issues an order.

Urgent Maintenance Orders

  • In cases of urgent financial support needs, custodial parents can file ex-parte petitions.
  • These petitions don’t require notice to the other parent.
  • The court can issue immediate orders to provide urgent financial support.

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