Cyprus Employment Visa for Foreign Interest Companies

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Cyprus Employment Visa For Foreign Interest Companies

The companies have to meet the following criteria:

  • Third Country nationals will hold the majority of the company’s shares
  •  Capital of at least €200.000 in foreign direct investment that is legally permitted in Cyprus
  • All applicants must operate from separate self-contained offices that are not part of a private residence or another office (unless they share a tenancy)

The companies have to submit the following documents:

  • Company’s incorporation documents
  • Profile that explains the business’s nature and specifics of its operations
  • List of the company’s personnel
  • Title deed or rental agreement or sales agreement for company’s offices
  • Memorandum of the Company
  • Final beneficiaries

Personnel Categories 


  • The minimum acceptable gross salary for the Directors of the Firm is €3.872 
  • Maximum number of 5 properties for this category

Middle Management Executives – other key personnel

  • Minimum acceptable gross monthly salary for this category is between €1936 – €3871
  • Maximum number of Ten (10) persons for this category

For employing a greater number of third-country personnel under the above categories, duly justified and documented requests by the company can be submitted.

Support staff

There is no maximum number for the employment of third-country nationals under this category, as long as the necessary approvals from the Department of Labour have been obtained.

Family Members

Third-country nationals working as directors, middle management executives, or other key employees for foreign-owned businesses are allowed to exercise their right to family reunification. Furthermore third-country nationals who are family members (spouse and minor children) are allowed to enter and remain in Cyprus in such a situation.

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