Cyprus Employment Visa For Foreign Interest Companies

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Cyprus Employment Visa For Foreign Interest Companies

The companies have to meet the following criteria:

• Third Country nationals will hold the majority of the company’s shares
• Capital of at least €200.000 in foreign direct investment that is legally permitted in Cyprus
• All applicants must operate from separate self-contained offices that are not part of a private residence or another office (unless they share a tenancy)

The companies have to submit the following documents:

  • Company’s incorporation documents
  • Profile that explains the business’s nature and specifics of its operations
  • List of the company’s personnel
  • Title deed or rental agreement or sales agreement for company’s offices
  • Memorandum of the Company
  • Final beneficiaries

Personnel Categories

Managers & Middle Managers Execute & Specialized Staff & Support Staff Necessary Documents (extra documents will be needed for family members.)


Copy of a valid passport or other travel document, the validity of which, on the date of submission of the application, expires at least six (6) months after the validity of the requested permit (Minimum acceptable document expiration period: 12 months). When submitting the application, the presentation of the original passport is mandatory, for verification.


Copy of the passport’s or other travel document’s page showing the latest arrival in the Republic and visa (if applicable).


Brief Curriculum Vitae – CV (including copies of academic qualifications and or relevant professional experience of at least two years).


Original contract of employment, of at least two years of duration, dully signed and stamped, as well as two (2) copies of the stamped original contact, also dully stamped. If the contract refers to the practice of a regulated profession, documents must be submitted certifying that the conditions laid down in Cypriot law for the exercise of this profession are met.

Note: the minimum gross monthly salary for highly skilled employment is set at € 2500. Below this limit, employment is considered to be at support level and a contract must be dully stamped by the Department of Labor.


Employer declaration for covering the return cost of the third country national.


Original Certificate of Criminal Record from the country of origin (if the applicant resides in a country other than the country of origin, the certificate should be issued from the country of residence). Ratification is necessary, except in the presence of a bilateral state agreements providing for an exception.


Original results of medical tests, performed in Cyprus, showing that the third country national does not bear/suffer from HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C and Tuberculosis – TB (through chest x-ray), certified from a Specialised Doctor in Cyprus.


Title deed or rental agreement of a house/apartment, dully stamped if valued over €5000.


Certificate of Health Insurance for medical care that covers inpatient and outpatient care and transportation of corpse (Plan A) OR Registration Certificate in the General Healthcare System (GHS – GESY) and private insurance for transportation of corpse.


Employer´s liability insurance with an automatic renewal.


Receipt of payment of the annual company fee to the Registrar of Companies.

Third-country nationals employed in companies of foreign interests as Directors or Middle management executives or other key personnel are able to exercise their right to family reunification. In such a case, third-country nationals who are family members (spouse and minor children) can enter and reside in Cyprus after the sponsor has followed the procedure for family reunification.

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