Cyprus Civil Marriage

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Cyprus Civil Marriage

Concerning, civil marriage in Cyprus, we would like to inform you that the procedure is simple and many couples from abroad come to Cyprus from all over the world to perform their civil marriage by combining the month of their honeymoon.

Civil Marriage in Cyprus

Persons wishing to have a civil marriage in Cyprus are personally presented in front of the Wedding Ceremony Officer of the Municipality of their election, to proceed with the necessary procedures before the civil marriage.

The process is as follows:
  1. In the beginning, the interested persons (the couple) complete, sign and submit a common application “Wedding Notice” to declare that they wish to get married and which contains their personal data. The couple must have an identity card or passport and a birth certificate.
  2. The couple must present an official certificate or confirmation indicating that they are not married and that they are free to marry. This certificate/cοnfirmation must be issued by the Official Authority of the country of origin of each individual, eg the registry office by the Ministry of Interior / Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Municipal Authorities.

Divorced persons must present the “divorce” of their previous marriage. Interested persons who are widows/widowers must present their ex-spouse’s “death certificate”. Interested parties may be required to take a sworn declaration that they have not remarried after the date of the dissolution of their marriage or after the death of their ex-spouse.

It is necessary to present the original certificates / or their certified copies. These must be written or translated into Greek or English and certified by the Competent Authority or Embassy.

C) Then, when the above procedures are completed, the Marriage Officer determines the date of the civil marriage (after consultation with the couple) which must not be earlier than fifteen days or more than three months from the date of submission/performance of the “marriage notice”. The set rights for this case are € 128.15.

E) In urgent cases and if the interested persons wish it, may set a wedding date before the lapse of fifteen days, with the payment of an increased fee. In this case, the civil marriage can take place within two to four working days. The set fees for emergencies are € 281.90 and the procedures mentioned above are the same in this case.

Briefly, the documents required for civil marriage for third-country nationals are:
  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. If someone has never been married before, a Confirmation from a Government Authority (i.e. Town Hall, Ministry of Interior, Registry Office, Embassy, etc) is needed. The certificate’s issue date must not be more than six months old.
  4. Affidavit at a Registrar of a District Court at which the interested party states that he/she is free to get married (valid only for 1 month from its date of issue).
  5. In the case of foreigners who live in Cyprus for more than a year, a confirmation from the Registrar at the Ministry of Interior is needed, regarding their marital status (valid only for 2 months from its date of issue).
  6. Residence Permit, and/ or Visa (with a valid date), and/ or Yellow Slip, and/ or Alien Card.
  7. In case of a divorce, an original Divorce Certificate is needed.
  8. In the case of widows/widowers, a Death Certificate is needed.


All of the above certificates must be original, recent and formally translated in English from a formal Authority from their country of origin, or they must be translated at the Cyprus Press and Information Office (P.I.O.).

Furthermore, the above certificates must be duly certified as follows:

In case the country of origin of the applicant has signed the Hague Convention of 1961:

To be certified with the Apostille stamp (this applies to Israel)


In case the country of origin of the applicant has not signed the Hague Convention of 1961:

To be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin of the applicant and then by the Embassy/Consulate of Cyprus in his/her country


to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin of the applicant and then by the Embassy/Consulate of that country in Cyprus and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus


in the instance there is no Embassy/Consulate of Cyprus in the country of origin of the applicant, the documents should be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country and by the nearest Embassy/Consulate which is accredited to Cyprus.

Pocket Fees to be paid are as follows:

a. €128 in the event of a Notice of Marriage, in case the marriage cannot take place earlier than 15 days after the notice.
b. €282 in case of a Notice of Special Procedure.
c. €14 for the issue of a true copy of the marriage certificate.
d. €130 as an extra charge if the wedding ceremony is held on Saturdays, Sundays, or non-working hours.

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